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Congratulations to our two senior gymnasts Oliver Buchner and Bianca Zoonekynd on their performance at the Scalabis Cup in Portugal.


Our little team headed over to Portugal earlier this month for the Scalabis Cup international competition.


Oliver who only went over for Double Mini had a very tough group of men jumping against him, he managed to hold his own and do two amazing routines in prelims which landed him a spot in finals.

He went into finals with the likes of Bruno Nobre who is a Worlds Champ medalist.

His finals didnt go as planned and ended in a very good 8th place.


Bianca started on Double mini with a good routine scoring the highest total and difficulty and unfortunatly hit padding on the second routine. Resulting in not making Finals.

after disappointment on double mini she managed to make it into finals for Tumbling.


Special congratulations to our Womens Double Mini Team on winning the team Trophy

Bianca Nienaber, Anna Dreyer & Bianca zoonekynd


 July 16, 2015
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